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Hi, I'm Robby Garner aka Robitron. See our videos. Collect all 10! You can also listen to our music free of charge on SoundCloud.com Creative Commons licensed music. Hear our latest songs and our archive of past recording from the final frontier.

We're raising money to share the gift of mental wellness via music and the personal enjoyment that has long been taken for granted. We started a fundraiser just for this purpose. Mental Wellnes from music We're going to use the money to build a clinical examination so that we may measure the enjoyment that music gives to the listener. We want to find music that is almost universal in its appeal. Our experiments will be held publicly, and in doing so, we will be able to test people from the general population, like playing a game. It should be fun for everyone involved!

You can chat with Bruce Sevrin if you have any questions or need to book a hotel room.

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Evolution by Flux Oersted is the culmination of several years of testing songs on SoundCloud.com to find the best performing songs in terms of popularity, mostly by the number of plays they have accumulated. So we made an album of our most popular songs on SoundCloud.com. Now available in stores.

"Life is a cabaret old chum.
Come to the cabaret!"

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