Flux Oersted began as a recording project by Robby Garner. Later, Sam Hancock joined on guitar and keyboards. Tommy Roberson played bass guitar, and in another band, Uno Ya, Jeff Fletcher played guitar and Sean McCormick played drums. We gigged around Rome Georgia mostly. Now things are all mostly Robby recording them as he sees them, and then publishing them whenever possible.

Featured Music: Subterraneans (2011)

Subterraneans is a collection of songs from the same era, around 1986-1996. This was the a time when I was thinking mostly about art, with only a few interruptions. This was the real starting place for future material and recordings to come.

These are some of the music from Zaa Phaphalene and Leonard D.Cypher. Featuring Sam Hancock on Synthesizers and Drum Machine programming. Anita Lindsey: Female Vocals.

1. BeatOven

2. Corner of Life

3. Poly Six

4. Side View B

5. Sixteen

6. Vortex


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Robby has contracted to do interesting things related to robotics, algorithmic theater, large scale Turing tests, Turing test interfaces, specialized NLP scripts, the north pole elves, and cosmetic surgery brokers.

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Robby Garner is Flux Oersted. Robby will be returning from his partially underground lair, this Friday at Sidekicks in Rocmart.